before there were four

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So much has happened since I was blogging regularly. At the time I took a break I really needed it, however looking back I wish I would have kept going. Mostly because while it felt like I couldn’t write because I was in this horrible place. I think I could have maybe helped someone else going through the same thing. I have been working on this blog for almost 2 years. I felt like it was finally starting to get a little traction with people wanting to collaborate, and working on fun projects with different small companies. It was time consuming and hard work (blogging is so much more work than most people, including me thought!) but I loved it so much! And then when it felt like life got so overwhelming and painful with what we were going through I just stopped. I’m going to share in my next post details of everything and hopefully someone may just find it helpful or hopeful in some way.

These photos were some of the last ones of the three of us before we had baby girl. I’m so beyond grateful to be our family of four. But I will always cherish when it was just us three. Before Beau got his whole world flipped and had to share the spotlight!

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